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Why do Medicare and/or Medicaid residents need more insurance?


Supplemental dental insurance enables more comprehensive and affordable care plus additional benefits, which may not be covered already. 


For residents enrolled in the program there are no waiting periods or prior-authorization needed for any service. The supplemental dental insurance will cover all the products that Mobile Care offers, and there is never a co-pay to worry about. 


How it works:


Federal law mandates that a Medicaid resident in a skilled nursing facility may purchase health insurance policies with their income. Qualified residents may pay what revenue they receive to the facility each month. As an allowable deduction, most residents can have their patient liability reduced by the amount of dental insurance premiums. 


This makes it so that qualified residents may have all of their supplemental dental benefits covered at no additional cost to them or the facility. 

See examples below:

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are available in your state. 
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