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About Us

Where we started.

Innovators identify needs then set about to meet them.  Dr. David G. Schoenberg is the innovator behind Mobile Care.  Having graduated the Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Natural Sciences, Dr. Schoenberg entered the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry.  It was there that he noticed the plight of medically compromised patients during his externship at several U.S. hospitals.  

Once his dental training was complete, Dr. Schoenberg completed a Dental General Practice Residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center of Cleveland, Ohio, intent on bringing quality care to medically compromised patients.  He served several years in private practice, developing the strategy and groundwork for pursuing his passion for providing quality care wherever it was needed.  

This led to his joining the staff of Visiting Dental Associates, a division of Mobile Care. In 1989, Dr. Schoenberg became the Clinical Director of Visiting Dental Associates.  


Where we are.

As we studied the issue of providing dental care to the disenfranchised, three issues became abundantly apparent:

1. In order for the disenfranchised and medically compromised to receive quality dental care, we had to develop a way to make the administration of this care mobile.  In other words, the doctor had to go to the patient


2. There were multiple types of medical care that these groups were not receiving due to travel issues, scheduling conflicts and a host of issues.  In order to meet real-world needs, we would have to broaden our offerings to fulfill a wider range of medical care.


3. It wasn’t only the elderly that needed a mobile care service.  Busy executives were becoming frustrated trying to schedule eye exams, hearing tests, dental exams, and other medical services due to time constraints.  We knew they needed an alternative to the doctor’s office.



Where we are going.

Throughout our history, Mobile Care has embraced the advanced technologies that increase our ability to deliver effective mobile diagnostic and treatment options.  As we continue to grow to meet the needs of an expanding client base we anticipate broadening the specialty care options we offer.  We will build on our legacy of delivering quality mobile care as we expand our reach and treatment options to meet your needs.


For over a quarter of a century, Mobile Care has provided mobile medical care without compromising quality.  By developing a system that combines the latest in advanced portable medical equipment and a dedicated team of compassionate medical professionals, we deliver superior medical care to individuals in long-term care facilities, private homes, schools, and municipalities.  We ensure that today’s busy professionals receive the medical care necessary to maintain good health through our Concierge Care service. 

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