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Time constraints, health restrictions, schedule conflicts or simple convenience issues can make it difficult if not impossible to make it to a physician’s office.  Mobile Care removes the barriers between patients and doctors in the only foolproof way available:  our doctors come to you.

Our clients have come to trust us for quality care delivered to their doorstep, wherever they are, and our clients include many different groups:


Doing business takes time and dedication to the task at hand. Competition is fierce and when time is money, every minute counts. Mobile Care has become the number one choice among businesses. Our ability to bring quality care to businesses saves both time and money. Forget driving to and from a care facility. Eliminate sitting in a waiting room. Now, with Mobile Care, you receive the services you need according to YOUR schedule. Spend the time you save by not having to drive or sit in a waiting room on more important things. There are so many reasons businesses prefer Mobile Care:

  • Key Employee Satisfaction & Retention – from dental examinations to eye exams, Mobile Care can be provided as a value-added service that enhances your benefits program for key employees. You provide convenient care and reduce time missed from work for regularly scheduled exams by bringing the care to your place of business.
  • Reduce Scheduling Conflicts – eliminating the drive and wait usually associated with a doctor’s office visit increases the time available for more productive pursuits. That means less need for rescheduling due to conflicts.
  • Increase Efficiency of New Hiring – Mobile Care can provide new hire exams / physicals at your location: a convenience for your new employees and a time-saver when it comes to new employee processing.

Let Mobile Care provide time saving convenience in administering quality care to you and your employees.


From daycare, elementary schools and youth camps to virtually any type of organization, the professionals at Mobile Care bring quality medical care wherever it’s needed. Whether we’re used to deliver a value-added service, to help determine physical eligibility for participation or simply as a way to say thank you to your members or students, Mobile Care is a cost-effective way to bring quality care to your group. Many organizations trust Mobile Care for:

  • Wellness / Preventative Care Programs – Wellness / Preventative Care Programs – by providing eye examinations to your pre-school, kindergarten and/or early elementary school students you partner with parents in detecting and correcting early vision problems. Our dental care offers the same early intervention that can help establish good dental habits children will carry through adulthood.
  • Community Health Screenings – Providing hearing tests or eye exams is an excellent way to develop a sense of trust between organizations and their members. Municipalities help establish a communal relationship that garners trust and helps maintain the good health of its members and/or residents.
  • Sports Teams – Consider the convenience of having a dentist on-site to provide correctly fitting mouth guards. Eliminate the delays and hassles waiting on athletes to meet compulsory requirements. Instead, bring the doctor to them!

Mobile Care can build value and trust in your organization while providing quality care.


Mobile Care has become a familiar presence in multiple care facilities throughout the US. Care providers who want to offer the treatment their residents need find Mobile Care to be an affordable, efficient and dependable alternative. Residents love receiving the care they need in a familiar environment, while their care providers avoid transportation hassles. Employees don’t spend time in waiting rooms or stuck in traffic.
Family members choose care facilities based on a number of criteria, including the specialty care that’s available for their loved ones. Your facility can provide quality dental, audiology, optometry and podiatric care to your residents without all the hassles and issues of coordinating staffing and travel.

It’s not only nursing homes that turn to Mobile Care. Among care providers, our clients include assisted living communities, adult daycares and senior living centers. Our skilled professionals offer the care with compassion that plays an important role in the overall health and wellness of every patient we see. Equally important is the time and money-saving benefits enjoyed by our clients. With no off-site travel, there’s no employee hours spent driving or sitting in waiting rooms.

Mobile Care is proud to provide excellent care to clients that include:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Adult Daycares
  • Senior Living Centers

Mobile Care can build value and trust in your organization while providing quality care.
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