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Hearing plays such a vital role in maintaining quality of life.  From conversations with friends and family to business meetings, our hearing allows us to engage and function socially.  Children who suffer with hearing loss often experience learning delays.  The inability to properly hear normal speech patterns can make learning proper pronunciation frustratingly difficult.

The elderly often become withdrawn when hearing loss occurs.  They tend to avoid conversations.  The idea of a visit to an audiologist in an unfamiliar setting can create anxiety and concern for the elderly, while taking time from a busy work schedule for an audiology appointment can prove to be a scheduling headache for others.

In a competitive environment you want to hear everything said by your clients and co-workers.  Neglecting your hearing could cost your business in ways you haven’t considered.

Mobile Care brings a full spectrum of audiology services to individuals in long-term care facilities, schools, work places and other organizations.  Our state licensed and highly experienced audiologists administer diagnostic hearing evaluations using the latest in portable audiology equipment and advanced technologies designed to provide accurate and efficient results in virtually any environment.    These compassionate clinicians carefully identify any hearing deficiencies and, when appropriate, suggest and dispense hearing aids at the location of your choice.  No office visit, no traveling and no hassles: just quality audiology care provided professionally and conveniently, wherever you need it.  That’s Mobile Care.

Mobile Care brings quality audiology care where needed, providing a variety of services, including diagnostics and / or treatment of:

  • Ear pain / discomfort
  • Ear infections and / or drainage
  • Plugged ears
  • Ringing / buzzing
  • Dizziness and/or balance issues
  • Decreased hearing
  • Hearing aid dispensing

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